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Is there an easy way to login on the simulators?

Yes, and this is required for the league to set and track handicaps, plus it’s a great app with free monthly contests! Download the free app called aG Locker and create an account on it. This app will keep track of all your individual scores and will also keep track of every practice shot you take on our many range options, including extensive and precise data about each shot! When you play your pre-league round, this will track your handicap.

To login to your assigned simulator, open the app, select Sim Login from the bottom of the screen, and type in the 6 digit code showing on the simulator screen. Alternatively, you can select Sim Login and press the camera icon to scan the QR code on the simulator screen. This may require you granting the aG Locker app access to your camera. Either way is a very fast way to get logged in and ready to go.

Find more information and links to download the aG Locker app at

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