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The Truth About Infinity Golf’s Simulators

Picture this – a group of first-time customers walk into Infinity Golf, eager to try out our simulators. As soon as they arrive, they start firing off questions, “Which simulators do you use?” “How accurate are they?” “Do you juice up the settings?” The first two questions were routine for us, but the last one caught us off guard.

One of the group members confessed that they had visited other simulator places in the area and felt that the settings were “juiced” or pumped up. He explained that most every shot hit went straight down the middle and a lot longer than expected. As someone who usually fights a slice, he asked if our simulators would pick up on that or not.

Without missing a beat, we proudly assured him that we use the most authentic and accurate simulators in the world. We promised him that how he hits outside would translate to what he sees inside on our simulators. While some might have been deterred by this, he was overjoyed that our simulators would simulate his game precisely. The rest of the group felt the same way.

Before they played Pebble Beach, the group started with a range session and quickly realized that our simulators replicated their outside shot patterns close to 100% of the time. They even tried to trick the system, but every shot they could think of was accurately detected and shown on the screen. After playing their round, they left with huge smiles on their faces.

But this got us thinking – why do some simulator centers “juice” their settings? Is it to stroke customer egos, disguise system flaws, or turn the experience into a video game? While we may never know the answers, we can tell you this – we’ve never had customers ask us to modify settings to make them appear to hit the ball better. Sure, some have requested modifications for their little children who don’t golf yet still want to play with their parents, but that’s a different story.

When you visit Infinity Golf, you’re in for a genuine golfing experience. We could modify the settings to make you play a lot better, but we don’t believe in doing that. It’s not the experience you expect. We use the latest and most precise technology available to give you a realistic and accurate golfing experience. Remember, just because something is possible doesn’t mean it should be done. At Infinity Golf, authenticity is the name of the game.