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Schedule rental time to:

  • Play a full round of golf
  • Hone your skills at one of the many practice ranges
  • Compete in a tour for prizes
  • Play golf ball-striking games
  • Play other fun simulated games such as mini-golf, skee-ball, beer pong, cornhole, and darts
  • Split your time among any number of the activities

Rates are per hour regardless of how many people are in your group, because we believe the more people playing, the greater the enjoyment.

A full round takes around 45-60 minutes per person, a bit longer if it’s your first time, so be sure to schedule a duration based on the number of people in your group. It’s also good to allow warm up time on one of our many practice ranges.

Rental clubs are available – $15 for each adult’s set / $10 for each kid’s set

Widescreen Simulators

Select one of our 5 simulators, each with giant wall-sized screens. Prices are hourly regardless of the number of people in your group.

  • All Days – Opening to 4pm – $45 / hour
  • All Days – 4pm to Closing – $55 / hour
Private VIP Room Curve Simulator
curve simulator

Enjoy a private session on a 22 foot wide curved screen inside a 700 square foot room for a truly immersive experience. Great for parties, corporate events, and family or friend group outings! Prices are hourly regardless of the number of people in your group.

  • Monday – Friday – Opening to 4pm – $65 / hour
  • Saturday & Sunday – Opening to 4pm – $75 / hour
  • Monday – Thursday- 4pm to Closing – $75 / hour
  • Friday – Sunday – 4pm to Closing – $85 / hour