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Practice Like a Golf Pro


Did you know many golf professionals use simulator technology to improve their golf game? Their practice sessions use real-time feedback, swing analysis, and precise metrics to increase their skills. Now you can access this same technology to take the guesswork out of your practice and start beating your friends!

real time feedback
Real Time Feedback

The most important aspect of practicing golf is to get real-time feedback on each swing. How many times have you gone to the driving range where the only feedback you get is watching where the beat-up range ball lands among the sea of targets, assuming you can actually see where it goes? The simulators at Infinity Golf use machine vision to create the most realistic flight physics in the game. This technology accurately detects, analyzes, and reports on all types of golf shots through high-speed cameras that capture metrics such as ball and club head speed, trajectory, spin rates, launch angle, plus many others. The simulators at Infinity Golf will show you precisely what is happening during your swing, allowing you to make adjustments immediately.

Swing Analysis

The only thing that separates a good golf shot from a poor one is the extremely short time the club face is in contact with the ball. The club head angle, swing path, speed, loft, and other variables all come into play in this split-second. It’s impossible for you to think about all these factors when you’re making a shot, so why not let the golf simulator do it for you? Within milliseconds after taking a shot, the simulators at Infinity Golf detect, analyze, and report the resulting ball flight physics, along with additional information about your swing. Once you understand the physics and what the metrics represent, you will be on your way to rapid improvement and beating your friends!

How Far Are You Actually Hitting?

Knowing how far you hit each of your clubs is critical to game improvement. Many golfers do not know for sure, and many of their golf shots end up short or long as a result. With the precise metrics from the simulators at Infinity Golf, you’ll learn how far you hit each club on average. This is exactly what the pros track, and they use their average club distances as a foundation for setting up the next shot. Take strokes off your game by learning your distances with the simulators at Infinity Golf.

Your Own Personal Golf Guide

Golf professionals use coaches and caddies in addition to using simulator technology to assist interpreting the real-time metrics for improving their game. Now you can use that same approach with in-depth written guides from Infinity Golf that explain what the simulator metrics mean and suggestions for adjustments based on what the simulator is detecting in your swing. In a way, you’ll become your own personal golf guide without the additional cost of an expensive coach or caddy!

Start Practicing Like a Pro

Stop hitting beat-up range balls aimlessly without real-time feedback and start experiencing true improvement by practicing on the simulators at Infinity Golf. With many options for practice, including one designed by Michael Breed of “The Golf Fix”, you’ll be beating your playing partners in no time!