AC Coleman

A.C. Coleman is more than your normal Golf Instructor. His golf career started when he was a Sports Talk Radio Host in Portland Oregon as Producer of Oregon’s longest running golfing show. A.C. went from a 20 plus handicap to single digits in just over a year. He quickly realized that beginner and intermediate golfers require a different lesson plan than advanced golfers. Determined there was a better way, he started to develop unique programs that focus on what beginner and intermediate golfers really needs.

A.C. brings a different attitude to the golf lesson. His love of the game and his outgoing personality are contagious. His programs are proven, but it’s not just golf knowledge. It’s the ability to communicate that knowledge in the most effective manner. With A.C.’s background in radio and his incredible passion for the game, your game will improve, and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

AC teaches beginner to intermediate golfers.

Tommy Zumtobel

Tommy enjoys helping his students through a combination of feel-based teaching and video analysis, making sure the student understands the basic fundamentals of setup and grip. He helps my students understand the relationship that basic setup and swing adjustments before, and in the golf swing, can have on contact and ball flight. Tommy explains the process that is needed from a player to shoot lower scores overall, whether that be technique based or improving their course/mental approach to the game.

Tommy has years of private instruction experience on simulators and launch monitor systems, and 8 years of work with his own game on a simulator. 4 years of experience teaching children and adults in group settings. He is a competitive golfer with a scratch handicap and several tournament rounds and victories.

Tommy teaches golf to all skill levels.