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How to Make Corporate Meetings More Enjoyable

“Yippee, another meeting!” said no one ever. There’s no denying the fact that business meetings and corporate events serve a purpose and can be highly productive at moving projects forward, training employees, unifying teams, and so on. But we have to ask: Why can’t these meetings be fun?

Actually, meetings can and often should be fun. Incorporating an element of fun and games into your corporate events or company meetings is a great way to build camaraderie among employees and foster a more collaborative work environment. When your employees can come together in a more relaxed setting, they get to know each other in new ways, barriers tend to fall away, and they become more comfortable interacting with each other. And all of this leads to increased productivity.

There are a number of ways to incorporate fun into your meetings, like taking your meeting off-site and holding it at a fun venue.

Top Reasons to Have A Company Event Off-Site

Even before Covid-19 and the transition to a largely remote workforce, engaging in team-building activities away from the office, has been an effective way to foster genuine relationships among co-workers and increase productivity. As many companies and their employees are still operating remotely, the need to come together is even stronger. A corporate outing—offline, off-site, and in-person—is not only refreshing but offers a number of real benefits for businesses. For example,

  • New employees and employees from different departments can get to know each other better and form stronger bonds.
  • A break from the normal routine allows employees to unwind, de-stress, and recharge.
  • Outings with team-building activities help teams work better together and be more productive.
  • Coming together at a new and fun venue where everyone gets to participate can boost morale.
  • Staff at all levels are able to connect and engage in new ways which can improve communication.

Taking your meeting off-site and working with a venue that caters to corporate events can also take some of the planning burdens off your shoulders while giving your employees something special to look forward to. At Infinity Golf, we offer a variety of event packages specially designed to make your event both easy to plan and enjoyable for your team to attend. From small groups of eight to sixteen people all the way up to larger gatherings of 75, Infinity Golf provides a unique golf club experience and the perfect setting for business meetings and events.

Why Indoor Golf is Great for Corporate Outings

Golf has long been associated with business networking and deal-making, as well as a great way to show client appreciation or bring employees together. But not everyone is a golfer and scheduling tee-times for big groups can be a challenge, not to mention the weather. That’s the beauty of virtual golf and a full-experience indoor golf venue–it’s fun for golfers of all levels, scheduling is a breeze, and the weather or season aren’t factors. Plus, you can easily squeeze in a full round, even a tournament, in a fraction of the time and still have room in your schedule for the rest of your meeting agenda.

Of course, working with an event planner helps, too. That’s why our team is here to help you work out the details, plan and coordinate any friendly games, competitions, or team-building activities and ensure you and your group have a good time. We can also customize our food and beverage menu for your group, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Ready to plan your next corporate outing or team meeting? Contact Infinity Golf today and let us help you plan an event everyone will enjoy.