Infinity Golf
Driving Ranges

Indoor Practice Experience

Tired of hitting beat-up balls on worn out mats, with no rubber tees in sight?


Upgrade your practice experience at Infinity Golf's indoor driving ranges, where you'll gain access to precise ball flight statistics needed to make real improvements in your game.


Take the guesswork out of practice and discover why so many golfers are coming to Infinity Golf to improve their game.

Check out what our customers have to say.

They've got the best technology when it comes to shot tracking. They to provide stickers for your club face to see where you're striking. Metrics provided, spin/speed etc, are all incredibly accurate and i'm able to replicate shot shapes and distance control through my entire bag.

Paul P.Paul P.

Infinity Golf is a great place to practice, play, and have fun with friends! I also really enjoy going to work solo on my swing.

Alex M.Alex M.

Hands down, the best indoor golf in the metro area. Technology is superior to all of the others , accurate feedback from putter to driver. Been going once a week for a couple of months and my game has improved more than it had in the last 2 years.

Ron R.Ron R.

Hourly price is AMAZING compared to other golf simulators and the technology/video quality is so impressive.

Cassidy O.Cassidy O.

Finally a first class indoor practice facility! No more guessing how far and what direction your golf ball is traveling. Infinity Golf's launch monitor system far surpasses any other system I have seen.

Glenn M.Glenn M.

My son loves to use their technology to perfect his game and work on his swing. He has been to several other golf simulator businesses in the area and Infinity Golf is by far his favorite! They have good food and a great bar, too - nice for mom while he's perfecting his game.

Amy S.Amy S.

Most Accurate Technology

The aG sims at Infinity Golf provide the most accurate and immersive experience you'll find off the course.


"The first time I played on an aboutGOLF simulator was a game-changer. It actually feels like playing traditional golf but with the benefit of feedback on what I'm doing and how to improve."


- Eli Manning, NFL Quarterback & 2x Superbowl MVP

Use Data to Improve Your Game

Our aboutGOLF simulators utilize a state-of-the-art camera-based machine vision system called 3trak that provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability on each and every shot. The main difference between our simulators and the competition? Ours measure while theirs estimate.

practice golf like a pro

Free Game Improvement App

After you book with us, download the free aG Locker app, sign up for an account, and use the app to log into the simulator. The app will pull data from every shot, plus it tracks rounds, milestones, and best shots taken on a course.

You can access that data through the simulator or via the aG Locker app to lock in your distances, track progress and more!