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Improve Your Game With An Infinity Golf Clinic

Infinity Golf offers specialized golf clinics to help you better focus on individual elements of your game. We use the most accurate simulator technology in the world, which helps speed the learning process.

Members receive a discount on each clinic.

Maximize Driver Distance

Longer drives mean shorter approach shots, which leads to lower scores. The driver is the second most important club in your bag. Knowledge and attention to data, techniques, and practice habits that focus on distance is key toward improving your scores by driving the ball farther.

You’ll learn what ball flight information to track during practice sessions, while using the most accurate simulator technology in the world. You’ll learn what swing and ball flight physics have the greatest impact on increasing distance. You’ll learn how to dial in your practice to maximize your distance, given your club head speed.

After the clinic, you’ll have the knowledge to use the powerful simulator features on your own to continue increasing your distance off the tee.

Chip, Pitch, & Flop

Improving your short game is an essential step to lowering your overall scores. With the right technique, practice, & feedback, getting better at pitch, chip, and flop shots is possible for every golfer.

You’ll learn how to increase your chance of hitting it close, how to decide when to chip, when to pitch, and when to flop (hint, it’s rare to use a flop shot!), and ways to vary your setup to produce different ball flights and spins.

Our instructor will guide you toward rapid improvement using the most accurate simulator technology in the world.