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The Infinity Experience

Practice Like a Pro

Did you know many golf professionals use simulator technology to improve their golf game? Their practice sessions use real-time feedback, swing analysis, and precise metrics to increase their skills. Now you can access this same technology to take the guesswork out of your practice and start beating your friends!

practice like a pro

Real-Time Feedback

The most important aspect of practicing golf is to get real-time feedback on each swing. How many times have you gone to the driving range where the only feedback you get is watching where the beat-up range ball lands among the sea of targets, assuming you can actually see where it goes? The simulators at Infinity Golf use machine vision to create the most realistic flight physics in the game. This technology accurately detects, analyzes, and reports on all types of golf shots through high-speed cameras that capture metrics such as ball and club head speed, trajectory, spin rates, launch angle, plus many others. The simulators at Infinity Golf will show you precisely what is happening during your swing, allowing you to make adjustments immediately.

Swing Analysis

The only thing that separates a good golf shot from a poor one is the extremely short time the club face is in contact with the ball. The club head angle, swing path, speed, loft, and other variables all come into play in this split-second. It’s impossible for you to think about all these factors when you’re making a shot, so why not let the golf simulator do it for you? Within milliseconds after taking a shot, the simulators at Infinity Golf detect, analyze, and report the resulting ball flight physics, along with additional information about your swing. Once you understand the physics and what the metrics represent, you will be on your way to rapid improvement and beating your friends!

practice like a golf pro
how far are you actually hitting

How Far Are You Actually Hitting?

Knowing how far you hit each of your clubs is critical to game improvement. Many golfers do not know for sure, and many of their golf shots end up short or long as a result. With the precise metrics from the simulators at Infinity Golf, you’ll learn how far you hit each club on average. This is exactly what the pros track, and they use their average club distances as a foundation for setting up the next shot. Take strokes off your game by learning your distances with the simulators at Infinity Golf.

Your Own Personal Golf Guide

Golf professionals use coaches and caddies, in addition to using golf simulator technology, to assist interpreting the real-time metrics for improving their game. Now you can use that same approach with in-depth written guides from Infinity Golf that explain what the simulator metrics mean, and suggestions for adjustments based on what the simulator is detecting in your swing. In a way, you’ll become your own personal golf guide without the additional cost of an expensive coach or caddy!

your own personal golf guide

Track Your Shots

All Your Golf Data In One Place

  • Track every shot you take in aG Links
  • Know your actual distances for every club in your bag
  • Identify trends in your game and ways to adjust
  • See real-time progress within every aspect of your game

Seamless User Experience

  • Friction free login, create an aG Locker account and easily log into a sim anywhere in the world
  • Take your shot data with you anywhere
connect to the game

Connect To The Game

Join a growing community of modern golfers from around the world

  • Connect with fellow players who love the game as much as you do

Share Your Game

  • Post and share your personal bests and achievements, like that 300 yard drive!
  • Grow you won personal following and share your insights, tips and tricks

Compete With the World

Compete and connect vial local and online competitions

  • Local, regional and global competition
  • Simple online event registration and real-time leaderboards

  1. Know Your Game
    Performance, shot and trend data, profile management, and game history
  2. Indoor Golf Center Location
    Find a simulator while on the road
  3. Seamless User Experience
    Mobile app control and friction free log-on at any simulator in the world
  1. Share Your Game
    Track and share personal bets and achievements
  2. Join a Growing Community
    Play and follow people from around the world
  3. Compete With the World
    Global competition with online event registration and real-time leaderboards
create online

How to Create an Online Account in aG Locker

  1. Download the aG Locker app to your mobile device via the App Store, or Google Play.
  2. Install and start the aG Locker app.
  3. On the main login screen, tap the Create Member button.
  4. Fill out the Username, Email, Password and Confirm Password fields. Note: if you already have a aG Data account, use the same login credentials.
  5. Tap Create Member to create your new online account.
app store

Michael Breed Endorsement

Simulator Technology

We selected aboutGOLF as our simulator vendor for their precision in reproducing an accurate ball flight and the most authentic tee to green experience of any simulator. From a long drive, iron approach, chip shot, flop shot, long putt, and short putt, the aboutGOLF simulators can handle it all with impeccable precision. Read more to learn more about the technology.

Accurate Tracking Technology

Not all machine vision is alike. 3Trak is widely regarded as the most accurate ball and club tracking system in the world. What makes it different from other types of machine vision used in golf simulation?

Accuracy & Reliability

As the ball moves through the tracking region, 3Trak collects image data at twice the rate of many other machine vision systems. Further, 3Trak is carefully engineered for consistent optical resolution and field of view, resulting in repeatable and reproducible data quality throughout the tracking region. This translates into as much as a 10X advantage in shot recreation accuracy.

Spin & Consistency

3Trak collects all shot data within a monolithic calibration volume, including velocity, launch angles and spin. Some machine vision systems with a low-resolving power over the majority of their tracking regions do not have sufficient capacity to detect spin detail. This requires a separate tracking module with independent resolution and calibration, and subsequent increases in error functions. In addition, some systems have a high degree of user dependence on careful ball placement.

Unlimited & Comprehensive

3Trak can track virtually any shot,, including those that fly above the screen or wide to the left or right. Even shots that fall short of the simulator screen are accurately captured and recreated. In fact, 3Trak does not require the ball to hit the screen at all. Systems that require the ball to hit the screen have notable limits. For example, consider a simulator with a 10-foot high screen and a tee 15 feet from the screen. Such a system would be unable to track launch angles greater than 33 degrees. Depending on the screen width, such a system would typically have a horizontal launch-angle limit of less than 26 degrees. In such a system, errant shots, hight lobs and chips cannot be included in real play.

Realistic & True

3Trak, combined with the powerful aboutGolf software, allows the player to be on the course. The tee is a valid 3D position within a contiguous 3D environment. The player does not hit a shot from the simulator floor into the screen, where simulated ball flight takes over from the point of impact. Rather, the golfer hits from a known location in the environment and the shot trajectory is continuous from tee to target within that environment.